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Unlock the door to the future with your smartphone


Secure access box is your perfect solution to provide secured access to the private areas you share with others. It can be installed on top of your existing solution and you don’t have to worry about carrying a remote control a key or an access card ever again. It is all on your smartphone.

More than that, keys don’t need to exchange hands, providing access for someone else is just a tap of the screen away.

Think about your home garage whom you share with your family or neighbours, the secured rooms from your workplace, the garage of your workplace, a tennis or football court you rent by hour.

There is no need for keys, remote controls or access cards anymore. The keys are virtual and can be managed and shared with ease from your smartphone or from the website.

You can limit the access by time and you don’t have to meet in person to offer or take back the key.

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Share your private garage with others and earn some money out of it. We offer the perfect platform for you to list your space and attract customers. Private garages can only be accessed by bookings, so you have the full control over the users and hours accepted.
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If you have your smartphone in your pocket, the doors will magically open themselves for you. With the secure access box installed in your office, your employees don’t need to carry their access cards anymore.
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Private tennis or football courts can greatly benefit from the secure access box. You can provide your customers time limited access to the venue without ever meeting them, just by sending a virtual key from your phone.
why choose us

Mobile and web software solutions

We offer great software solutions to complete the service, for both IOS and Android smartphones and for the web. You can manage your virtual keys, share them with others and control the access any way you like.

Bluetooth low energy connectivity

The access smart box senses your approach and opens the gate for you, without you having to reach for your phone or open the app. Isn’t this just great?!

Easy to integrate with existing solutions

The box can be used alongside your existing electronic locking solution. There is no need to replace the old system or to change your policies.

Secured access

The communication with the box is secured by an encryption algorithm that can only be deciphered by our boxes. Only the designated users will get the access.

Integration with Parking Plus

We have a great platform where you can share your garage or parking place with others when you are not using it. We will provide you with all the tools to manage your little business and with a lot of customers.

24/7 live support

We understand how important it is to provide quick help when things go wrong. That’s why we make sure you will always have someone to talk to at the other end of the proverbial line.


The usability of the service is our primary goal. We have done the necessary testing and refinements to make sure anyone can use our products with ease.


Both the box and the mobile application have a great modern design that bring you one step closer to the future. We’ve been there and you can trust us, you have all the reasons to look forward to it.

how we work
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We design perfection

The quality of our services is our topmost priority. We understand usability and reliability are key factors for our success as a business, that’s why we are constantly improving our solutions to meet our customers’ requests.

We do our research

Our designers and engineers are committed to build quality. That’s why everyone in our small and enthusiastic team is working hard on finding the best alternatives. We truly believe that passion is the secret ingredient of a successful recipe.

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Coming soon!

We are excited about this new service and we would be glad to hear your thoughts, so don’t be afraid to drop us a line.

If you are interested in purchasing the box, please provide us with some details and we will make sure to provide more information for you.

We will also let you know when the product becomes available so that you won’t waste more time without benefiting from this wonderful technology.

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